Community and Business Development

Community Outreach and Engagement Programs

Our goal is to increase resilience, provide support and build skills that will stabilize families, keep them together, and increase their ability to self-advocate and be self-sufficient.

Parenting Support
We provide parenting support in a group format that is designed to improve parental effectiveness by providing a clear parenting philosophy and a set of positive parenting skills and strategies that can be used to address a variety of child-rearing challenges and strengthen the parent –child relationship. We also provide parents with training and support on addressing educational and social challenges facing their children.

Family Advocacy and Support Services
We serve as advocates for children and families in need of assistance from Local Area Networks (LAN). We work to identify and secure resources that will address barriers that negatively impact the family's ability to remain intact. Families are linked to needed resources and after-hour support is available.

Performance and Visual Arts Classes
We provide individuals with opportunities to participate in music, video, theatrical, and dance productions. We offer participants the chance to identify and explore their talents such as singing, acting, dancing, performing poetry, playing an instrument, drawing or painting. These activities promote self-esteem and increase socialization.

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