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JOB TITLE: Teacher
DEPARTMENT: Early Childhood Education (ECE)
FLSA Status: Non-Exempt
SUPERVISOR'S TITLE: Assistant Director & Center Director
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Teacher is responsible for responsible for adhering to the guidelines of the Garden of Prayer Early Education & Intervention Center, DCFS Licensing Standards including those of a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse or neglect cases. The Teacher is responsible for helping to ensure that the children of Garden of Prayer Early Education & Intervention Center receive high quality developmentally appropriate experiences. The Teacher is responsible for the operation of the classroom where she/he is assigned to work, including supervision of the classroom staff, parent volunteer, foster parents, volunteers, etc. Work in collaboration with the Assistant Director to identify training needs of classroom staff. The teacher is responsible for positive outcomes for all children. The Teacher must demonstrate effective on going collaboration with other team members.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure a safe and healthy environment that follows the GOP Early Education & Intervention Center Policies and the DCFS licensing standards and Job Function/Evaluations;
    • Arrange physical space to encourage independence and self-selection
    • Arrange physical space into learning centers with a variety of materials rotated frequently and with children's materials separated from teacher supplies
    • Provide active and quiet areas in the classroom
    • Provide an individual labeled space for each child
    • Place dangerous items such as poisons, sharp scissors, and cleaners out of children's reach (see job targets for specifics)
    • Ensure a safe environment through daily classroom inspections of materials and equipment and reporting of unsafe/unhealthy conditions to appropriate persons. Daily completion of the health and safety checklist.
    • Ensure that the children are under proper supervision at all times
    • Eat with the children and provide appropriate discussions for meal times
    • Follow Time lines/target dates
    • Attend meetings and trainings as required
    • Ensures that developmental and social/emotional screenings and assessments are completed within required timelines.
  • Ensure that all documentation and individualization takes place in a timely manner
    • Complete on-going observations, developmental screenings individual child assessments; child development plans/ individual goal sheets, IEP planning forms and lesson plans
    • Responsible for the preparation and submission of classroom lesson plans in advance
    • Maintain and submit accurate daily attendance and meal attendance
    • Identify and report to the proper staff person regarding children with potential special needs or behavioral concerns.
    • Schedule and conduct at least two parent-teacher conferences per year
    • Participate in the educational staffing and prepare notes from observations and assessments of children
    • Submit required paper work on time
    • Initiate attendance follow up procedure if applicable per director's designation
    • Include parent and IFSP/IEP goals (if applicable) in individualized lesson plans
  • Provide a balance of curriculum that encourages social and cultural awareness; exploration; predicating and testing behaviors; choices of learning center activities; large and small groups and individualized activities (see job targets)
  • Is a team member and effective model; sets up written systems for sharing responsibilities; holds daily team meetings and shares information
  • Interact with children and adults in a positive manner
  • Participate in an on-going training program in child development to further develop skills
  • Obtain and maintain GOLD's Interrater Reliability Certification within the three months of the beginning of first year of implementation (or employment) and annually thereafter
  • Plan activities and methods for keeping parents interested and involved in their child's development. Invite parents to be a part of Teaching Strategies GOLD
  • Implement a curriculum that integrates all areas of development
  • Maintain/take heights and weights of the children in the classroom
  • Work with central office staff, Family to maintain positive parent involvement; including implementation of family literacy program
  • Participate in the monitoring system designed for GOP EEIC ensuring follow up of all issues found during monitoring visits
  • Perform other related duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Center Director and Assistant Director
  • Must demonstrate belief in the GOP Early Education & Intervention Center's mission and Children and Family Services vision in all verbal and written communication.
  • Meet all timelines and reporting requirements.
  • Receive and maintain Children and Family Services Certification annually.
  • Ensures that the usage of agency technology, equipment and time are utilized for agency business
  • Prepare children for transitions and readiness
  • Obtain at least 15 clock hours of high-quality, classroom focused professional development per year
  • Demonstrate a warm, supportive attitude towards children
  • Must be flexible
  • Demonstrate a willingness to accept supervision in order to improve work performance



  • Bachelor's Degree preferred in Early Childhood Education or two years college education courses with nine credit hours related to child care and or child development from birth to age six
  • Shall be at least the age of 21 years
  • A general knowledge of growth patterns and a sensitivity to the needs of young children and their parents
  • Appropriate judgment in the areas of child supervision and parent relations
  • Accuracy in the assessment of children's development and children's needs
  • Ability to communicate with children, parents, and local administrative staff, and especially the assistant teacher Good communication (verbal and written skills)
  • Must be physically able to perform the job of a preschool teacher (e.g. able to lift children and/or equipment 40lbs; able to stoop, bend, sit, and stand for extended periods of time.
  • Must be CPR and First Aid certified.
  • The potential candidate must be able to pass a background check and fingerprint clearance as well as be willing to participate in continuing education


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