Impact Stories

Dear Garden of Prayer,

We give thanks to the Lord for you. You have truly blessed us. You reached out so willingly and unselfishly to meet our need. It is a wonderful blessing and it means so very much to us.
Because of your generosity we will have a blessed Christmas this year. Please don't think this is a common thing for us. We were working and self supportive up until about three years ago, when both my husband and I lost jobs. We have never had to ask for any help. We have exhausted unemployment and are having a hard time managing right now. It won't be long until things change for us. We know that God faithful, he always makes a way.

That is why we are thankful this Christmas: we know God has made Garden of Prayer our way for a blessing, our Christmas come true.

We would like to thank you, for our children's gifts, and all who donated gifts, all which made the effort to help, and those who did physical labor, time spent, and all that it took to make God's Glory Shine once again in our lives.

Thank you, Garden of Prayer for making it all possible, we thank God for you and ask His riches blessing upon you.

John and Susan